By the term “security” we mean to define an activity which purpose is: analyze and execute strategies to prevent, manage, and overcome adverse events, whether caused by fault or negligence, which may damage the tangible, intangible, organization and human resources of businesses or individuals. For companies, security aims at protecting the tangible, intangible, and human resources of a business, in order to guarantee continuity, competitiveness, and growth. Security is ever more becoming a priority for individuals and companies alike. Security may range from personal and asset protection, to the protection of a large enterprise, with its multifaceted aspects and components.
The superficial or neglected management of security issues may cause significant and relevant damage, economically as well as in terms of reputation, to people and tangible or intangible assets alike.

Thanks to a methodology grounded on tradition and innovation, and with the aid of a team of international experts, Vigilar Group is qualified to handle any problem relating to personal or business risk and vulnerability.

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