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Giuseppe Visco Gilardi (a few notes on the founder)


"Bright and educated, active and willing, with an imaginative mind, always committed to face the most formidable adversaries, in love with his mission to cleanse, elevate his thought, and discipline of fierce activity."

"Tall, stalwart and jovial, with earnest and penetrating eyes, an animated conversation, spirited and enormously enjoyable, extremely polite in manners, Visco-Gilardi is the architect of that nature of investigation police that must repudiate any form of vulgarity and low violence, and be inspired by the rules of sharp investigation, coordination of clues, intuition of vestiges and science, distant from any deviation and criminal aberration".

Giuseppe Visco-Gilardi was born in Milan in 1876.
A fascinating and colorful character, he was a pioneer of the investigation profession in Italy, founder of modern detective practice, as was amply reported in news columns of his time.

After enlisting in the Military Police, thanks to his skill and his great fluency in English, during WWI the young Visco-Gilardi was sent to London as elite secret agent with the military mission in the United Kingdom, where he operated, cautious and patient, in his counter-espionage task, learning the first rudiments of the world of intelligence.

Dopo i primi grandi successi personali, decise di partire per New York, dove nel 1911, si laureò presso il New York Institute of Science, ottenendo il titolo di Professore in Scienza occulte (molto in voga ai primi del 900).

"The knowledge, or better yet, the higher education he possesses in the psychic sciences is one of the pillars of superiority that distinguish the noble figure of Visco-Gilardi, and set him apart from all other pseudo-detectives, that one day rose from a quagmire of commercialism and treachery, with the sole intent to fool easy marks and ensnare them with the ropes of shrewd calculation and speculation".

It was thanks to the experience gathered abroad that Visco-Gilardi, once back in Italy, decided to continue his activity as a detective, a field where he was widely known and well introduced.

Here he began to work with success as private detective, a profession which at the time was not regulated by law, until 1916, year when he founded the Polis Club.

After the law of 1919 that imposed agency owners the obligation to exercise under license, G. Visco-Gilardi founded Vigilar Investigazioni in 1920, which become one of the first investigation agencies in Italy.

His many success stories, together with the tales of his spectacular adventures, “publicized” in the news columns of the day, contributed to augment his fame: from finding valuable paintings and capturing their thieves, to finding 7 kilograms of gold on the Orient Express, and capturing dangerous criminals.

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