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Vigilar Group was founded in 1920by Visco Gilardi, the first Italian detective and founder of the modern detective practice, who gave the name to VI – GI - LAR Through the years Vigilar Group has established itself as partner of privates and companies, as well as the most prestigious law firms in Italy, proving its competence in solving highly complex issues, in the search of evidence in defensive investigation.
Vigilar Group is not a simple “Detective” agency, but a renowned investigation network, with an organization that enables it to operate worldwide with success.

Vigilar group
Specialized in any kind of investigation and survey, Vigilar Group has a vast and heterogeneous client portfolio that includes private and public companies, finance companies, entrepreneurs, insurance companies, law firms, and private clients. Our investigation projects are carefully planned, devoting our attention to our clients’ issues, in order to find the fastest and most effective solution to solve each case.

We take an across-the-board approach to solve the issues we are called to solve, in full respect of our rigorous moral standards, and ensuring the outmost discretion. Vigilar Group invites you to distrust improvised agencies and impostors. Rely on certified institutions, holders of a regular license issued by the Authority.

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