the criminologist investigator

Facts have a soul and a body, and behind any legally relevant event there are people who play the role of actor, victim, and witness.

The capacity to observe, narrate, and evaluate (investigative awareness), through a dynamic approach, that can take in the psychological, sociological, and environmental variables of each event, is fundamental.

A specialist must be able to put himself in a mental condition and historic understanding of the events, so as to be able to catch and gather all the useful information that will lead him to the understanding and processing of the dynamic s of the crime under study.

A criminologist investigator that works through an interdisciplinary approach of study and research, using the collaboration of experts and specialist of various fields of science, in order to better understand the overall mechanisms (particularly psychological) of what stands at the foundation of the criminogenesis and criminodynamics of every human criminal conduct.

A criminologist investigator is an expert who analyses real-life experiences, gathering possible general solutions, approaching the crime scene without preconceptions.

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