Employee Monitoring

A prestigious company (our client) that deals with pharmaceutical products, turns to us for the help of verifying the actual activity of one of the employees.
The subordinate, who has been working for the company for more than 15 years, should either meet all the existing clients so as to maintain a good business relationship, or make new contacts.
Nevertheless, the company has its doubts regarding the actual activities carried out by this employee.
We receive from the client relevant data to the applicant, information on the motor–car utilized and some elements to its actual daily movements.

After a careful study of the case, we organized an investigative activity (concentrated in about 7 days) directed to the documentation of the workday and of the activities carried-out by the applicant.

Right from the start, it was evident that the applicant didn’t stick to his working schedules.

He had lunch breaks of about 3 hours: he started off at late morning, he stopped often at bars, shops etc... We concluded that the applicant does not work productively more than 3 hours a day.
Besides all the discovered irregularities (serious enough), on the 4th day of our service, our client Informed us that the applicant wouldn't be attending his work for sickness reasons.

We nevertheless remained in observation. We noticed that in the late morning, the applicant left his home and went to the office of a direct business competitor of our client. During the period of our investigation, the applicant was found many times in the premises of the business competitor’s , dwelling around freely and speaking with different "Colleagues".

we gathered all of the important elements with the support of video and photographs, ready for the legal office which represents our client as a piece of very useful evidence.

Thanks to the supplied material from Vigliar Group. Our client was able to undertake legal action towards the applicant and was protected by the courts.

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